The Crooked Pencil occupies a place of pride in writer and children’s author Priya Narayanan’s pencil box. It wanders, observes and absorbs all that it sees and returns to her hands to spill its stories on paper. And sometimes, when it doesn’t want a hand controlling it, the pencil goes rambling on its own.

Well, so much for the third person introduction of me!!

Book reviews, Photographs, Jokes, puns and word-play . . . this is where you’ll find all this and more. And since I’m obsessed with the Moon –in my world, the moon is not a satellite of the earth (how boring is that!!) but a form and function changing being (or thing) suspended in the sky– here is where I’ll share poems, write-ups, paintings and photographs of this wonderful thing (or being!) that are close to my heart or ones that challenge the existing perceptions.

To know more about me and the books I’ve written, check out my website www.priyanarayanan.com



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